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Integrated Air Quality Systems



Integrated Air Quality Solutions (IAQS)

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-2-44-45-pmIAQS is a safety device that monitors all types of gasses that deplete the oxygen level within a confined space. This system sends an alert to the building’s automation and alarm system when a predetermined ppm of gas is detected. The IAQS offers multiple means to communicate this feature. A panel system that monitors refrigerant and other leaks within the confined space of a mechanical/chiller room is one of several methods provided. Using IAQS can help increase occupant comfort and prevent negative health impacts related to poor ventilation and leaks.

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After years of dealing with these reoccurring problems we decided to design our own printed circuit boards and build a simple, safe, and reliable device that is engineered for the oilfield and its environment.

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