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Tulsa Tank Gauges’ goals are to reduce your operating costs and improve on the  reliability of the field data you’re provided.

  1. Improve on loss of production due to downtimes.
  2. Get real time production data in the hands of your field  and office staff.  TTG will provide this faster, with more reliable data , and deliver it in a safer fashion.
  3. Drastically reduce your data gathering costs and improve dramatically on your on time routine maintenance schedules.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-12-18-31-pmCurrent Lengths Available

  • 5 ‘ Gauge,  Part Number:SGL-5
  • 10 ‘ Gauge, Part Number:SGL-10
  • 15 ‘ Gauge, Part Number:SGL-15
  • 20 ‘ Gauge, Part Number:SGL-20
  • 23 ‘ Gauge, Part Number:SGL-23

About Us

After years of dealing with these reoccurring problems we decided to design our own printed circuit boards and build a simple, safe, and reliable device that is engineered for the oilfield and its environment.

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